Meeting of WIUU students with Mr. Mykola Malomuzh , April 22, 2014

On April 22, 2014 WIUU students and WIUU staff met with Mr. Mykola Malomuzh – one of the Presidential Candidates in the upcoming Presidential Elections in Ukraine.
Students took active part in the event, discussing with the Candidate the issues of political life in Ukraine.


Meeting of WIUU students with representatives of HR Department of FIDOBANK

On April 22, 2014 WIUU students had a meeting with representatives of HR Department of FIDOBANK in order to discuss some questions of mutual co-operation regarding internship for WIUU students. The question of WIUU students participation in different social projects was also discussed.


Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Naddur Katrin

To say that I like the university I study at means to say nothing. I really adore this establishment of knowledge, experience and opportunities. Everyday I have a possibility not only to acquire the treasure of my professors’ wisdom but feel myself like studying in the American environment. All students are deeply involved in the educational process, improving their Business English and the language skills in general. If I were given a chance to enter any university one more time, I would choose WIUU without hesitation.



Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Al-Shaiah Amjad

Being an international student I have a great opportunity to compare the education given in the universities of different countries. The education system prevailing in this university corresponds to the international standards of education, particularly the Western ones, which involves student integrity and educational system transparency. Moreover, the University’s international connections and national as well international internship programs allow students not only receive insights into foreign customs and traditions, but get a start on the career ladder in the particular business sphere. A crucial part of the University is the teaching staff. The business experience behind the teachers really amazes me and becomes a great motivation for achieving something big in life and leaving a print in the history. The fact that the teachers are international as well as Ukrainian means that we are getting practical knowledge that is based on the international business experience of our instructors, certainly not excluding the mandatory theoretical basis. I also find it interesting that University constantly organizes various conferences, the speakers at which are international businessmen, who visit our University to share their experience and ideas. What is more, it is necessary to note the importance of the ability to enter University in the fall, as well as in the spring semester, which means the University’s flexibility and openness to students, who due to some circumstances could not apply to the University in the fall which is necessary according to the national Ukrainian educational system. The University helps  me all along to go in the right direction to achieve my dreams and objectives. And now that I am a 4th-year student, I am sure that this was the right choice for me from the very beginning.image014

Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Yuryeva Oksana

If you have ever dreamed about getting a truly high quality education according to the Western standards without going far from home, this is the place. The highly qualified instructors with the huge experience in the business sphere help us gain not only theoretical, but practical knowledge as well by gladly sharing their business background with us. International students help us learn more about various cultures and traditions. What is more, the University has got a transparent system that involves ethics and integrity which corresponds to the Western standards and makes you highly motivated to learn. The essential part of the BBA program is that it is so diversified that it helps a student realize during his four years of studies which sphere he is keen to work in. Various internship programs also add up to the previously stated point, as well as help you start your career by giving you a chance to stay working in the company you had been interning in. After four years of studies I have learned thinking critically and out of the box which is a great part of making decisions in business. I really do think that this University helps you get on the right path and in the right direction toward your future, helps you figure out who and where you want to be, helps you set your goals and certainly achieve them.