We are sports friends!

On Saturday, November 18, the swimming competition took place in the swimming pool of the Sports Complex, National M.P. Drahomanov Pedagogical University. Our boys and girls competed in various distance events in breaststroke, front crawl and back crawl (backstroke).
The winners are: (women’s events) Arina Tokarenko, Angelie Arora, Ruslana Zimina, Anastasiia Fliagina, Nataliia Sydorkina; (men’s events) Oleksandr Antonov, Ivan Radchenko, Nazar Holota, Nikita Kazankov, Oleksii Klymenko, Illia Chumak. Congratulations to the winners!
The referees were Z.I. Filatova, coach, and Yevheniia Serdiuk – our alumna, master of sport in swimming (marathon swimming of 5 km and higher), Ukrainian Championship medalist, winner and medalist at international championships, cross-continental swimmer (a swim across Bosphorus).
The contestants had a chance to enjoy Yevheniia’s master swim. Zhenia, we are grateful for your support of UACU’s initiatives. Victory be yours!

Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Workshop 2017

Our BBA and International Relations Program student Oleksandra Filipovych was selected to participate in the Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Workshop 2017, held on November 9–12.
The Workshop is a four-day training session for FLEX alumni from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine intended to equip its participants with skills that will help them create projects in their communities and address community needs. The workshop was organized by Future Leaders Exchange Program, administered by American Council for International Education.

From L’Oreal Talent

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Apply for the internship with L’Oreal, listed in the TOP-20 most intense and satisfying internship offers of November.
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We are delighted to invite our students to participate in the swimming competition, which will take place in the swimming pool of the Sports Complex, National M.P. Drahomanov Pedagogical University on Saturday, November 18. The Contest starts at 8:50.
The competition involves various distance events, for boys and girls separately, in breaststroke, front crawl and back crawl (backstroke). Please remember to bring the swimwear and the other essentials. The fans and supporter should have the footwear to change to.
It should be pointed out that swimming as a sport builds muscle strength and helps maintain healthy lungs. So, regular swimming workout will be a great way to keep fit, which is especially beneficial for those leading a sedentary life.
In order to participate in the competition, please register with Viacheslav Zhuravliov and Illia Chumak, the organizers.
Athletes, join us!


We are happy to invite the students of our American Studies program to the lecture «Industries of the Future and the Future of Work» on Monday, November 20The lecture starts at 11:00, aud. 2-4. Lecturer: Mr. Paul Thomas, Adviser to Rector of Ukrainian-American Concordia University.