Articulation Agreement with the University of Minnesota Crookston

WIUU has signed the Articulation Agreement with the University of Minnesota, and now our students have the opportunity to transfer the courses from the WIUU and, on condition of successful studying for at least two semesters at our American partner (in the USA or online), to receive an American diploma.
UMC Chancellor Dr. Mary Holz-Clause, WIUU Vice-Rector Yulia Romanovska and the first student of the Cooperative Program Ms. Lena Faddi.


Collaboration with the University of Minnesota Crookston

A delegation from the University of Minnesota Crookston (USA), consisting of Chancellor Dr. Mary Holz-Clause and student recruitment director Michelle Christopherson, came to WIUU with a working visit.
The main task of the visit is signing of the articulation agreement on cooperation between the two universities within cooperative degree programs. Now our students have an opportunity to get an American diploma of the regionally accredited American University.

Career & Internship

WIUU Academic Administration at Round table “Directions of Cooperation of L’Oreal Ukraine with Universities”.
We greatly appreciate long-term cooperation with L’Oreal Ukraine and its General Director – WIUU Professor Mark Savchuk.

Meeting the Administration of WIUU American Partner – University of Minnesota Crookston

WIUU students, their friends, parents and alumni had an opportunity to find out that to obtain American Diploma of the accredited American University in Ukraine is a reality! On October 17 meeting the Chancellor of the University of Minnesota Crookston – Dr. Mary Holz-Clause and Admissions Director Mrs. Michelle Christopherson those present learnt a lot about the opportunities of studying at our partner university according to the Articulation Agreement signed leading WIUU students to the American Degree.

American Studies Program

On September 29, 2017 Dr. Elaine Sarao – adviser to the Rector  of WIUU in International Relations, specialist in the formation of civil society at the US Department of Economics (2010-2013) – conducted the introductory class to the program.
On October 9, 17 Dr. Sarao together with Mr. Paul Kervin conducted a workshop within the American Studies Program on the following topics:

1) Corporate Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
2) US Business and the US Governmental Process
3) The Evolution of the Democratic Process with the Rule of Law in the United States.

American Studies

American education constitutes the important part of the American Studies Program. Students of WIUU had the opportunity to get acquainted with the American system of education on the example of Concordia University Wisconsin (USA).
Concordia University of Wisconsin is one of the largest in the Concordia system in America. Today our students were informed of the structure of CUW the director of the Department of International Education, Dr. David Birner. David told about the organization of American higher education on the example of his university, since now Ukrainian students have the opportunity to continue their studies at our partner University.

American Studies Program Opening

On October 3, 2017 the American Studies Program (ASP) Opening was held in America House – Kyiv.

ASP has been established by WIUU, together with our partners – National M. Dragomanov Pedagogical University (Kyiv, Ukraine), Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA), University of Minnesota Crookston  (USA), American Organizations and Companies.

Dr. Elaine Sarao – WIUU Associate Rector, Dr. David Birner – Director of International Education of Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor, Mr. Paul Thomas – Expert of American and Ukrainian Business and Advisor to the Rector, came from the US to Kyiv to participate in the Program Opening and development. Mrs. Michelle Christopherson – University of Minnesota Crookston Admissions Director – participated online from Crookston.

Students, faculty and guests enjoyed greetings of our American partners, WIUU students and a representative of WIUU alumni – Ms. Elizabeth Nudelman.

American Studies

Today the program of American Studies has started. Dr. Elaine Sarao – adviser to the rector of WIUU in International Relations, specialist in the formation of civil society at the US Department of Economics (2010-2013) – conducted the introductory class of the program.
American Studies is a new course at WIUU that will help students learn more about American history, education, culture, business, law, politics and social standards.
American, Ukrainian and international partners, colleagues and friends of WIUU will discuss with students topics related to American history, geography and climate, culture, literature, films, law, business, politics, racial, national and ethnic affiliation, social issues, gender issues, etc. The program combines global and national content and focuses on the skills of critical thinking, decision making, analysis and presentations.
Students will be able to enjoy communication and teamwork, improve their English language, play, watch and discuss. Consulting and training by American professionals is intended to enrich the global, intellectual and creative development of young people.

Cooperation with the Netherlands

Today our partners from Diamond Ukraine with Anastasiya Ruzhina have organized an interesting meeting for our students. Bernard Elsman, Senior Financial Advisor and owner of Group BV, Diamond FMS BV (Netherlands) shared the secrets of financial reporting and real-time forecasting.

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