WIUU Students at Ukrainian-Iranian Forum

WIUU students volunteered as interpreters at Ukrainian-Iranian Forum at the National Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine on September 11.



Introduction to the Profession

Introduction to the Profession – this is the first experience for WIUU freshmen, this year the first visit is to Coca Cola!

Onuche Fate – Our Sophomore of Management and BBA Programs

Successful Studies at WIUU leads you to your successful career in future. The knowledge and practical skills acquired in English open the doors the most prestigious international companies for our graduates.

It becomes very important for our international students who will be competitive at their country’s markets.

Summer Internship on the Black Sea

Our Senior Student Volodymyr Hritsay had  his summer 2017 internship at the kids’ camp Brigantina as a  Head of English Studies for kids 7-17 years old.

Volodymyr demonstrated great organizational and communication skills, responsibility, active and creative attitude to his activities as well as caring about kids and perfect methodology and language skills.

Welcome from WIUU Rector

Dear students! Dear parents and friends of students! Dear colleagues! Dear guests!

I am glad to congratulate you all on the start of your studies at our institute and on the holiday of knowledge!

We thank you for the right choice in your life of a higher educational institution – our university! It is here  where you can not only learn the profession, but also become true citizens of the world.

This year our university celebrates the 20th anniversary of its educational activities in the Independent Ukraine. And we are proud of the achievements of our educational institution!

First, we really are the INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in which citizens of many countries study and work. Our students not only study together but also acquire practical knowledge and skills, spirit of high morals and ethics, get ready for life and work in a global society.

Secondly, we are accredited both at the national and international levels.

Thirdly, among the co-founders of our university are the leading universities of the world.

Fourthly, our university has agreements and memorandums of cooperation and joint activities with US universities – Concordia University Wisconsin and Michigan, Minnesota University Crookston, Universities of Oklahoma and Indiana, as well as leading universities of the European Union – German Universities Trier, Worms, Schiller, the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, as well as the well-known Koblenz-Landau State University, with whom we have a joint master’s degree program in business management, technology and innovation with the opportunity and possibility of obtaining two diplomas from our both universities.

And last, the fifth. Students and graduates of our university have excellent opportunities for internships in international companies in Ukraine and in many countries of the world, and now successfully work and live not only in Ukraine, but also in different parts of the world.

The Quality of the received education and Real Employment are the most important indicators of activity of the higher educational institution. And we are a successful university according to these indicators.

We really are proud of our students and graduates, our employees, international faculty members, Ukrainian and foreign business partners and friends.

I wish all the students of our university to obtain a good education and become qualified citizens of their countries and the international community, and for our graduates – a rapid and successful career growth!

Happiness to all of you, success and peaceful life!

Rector of WIUU

prof. Oleksandr Romanovskyi


Paul Thomas in VOX UKRAINE

Here is an article of WIUU friend and Advisor to Rector, Mr. Paul R. Thomas (President of IRE Ukraine LLC) that has been published recently in VOX UKRAINE on ECONOMICS:

Ukraine Needs Privatization Solutions – Not Simply Sales

The Case of the Zaporizhia Aluminum Industrial Complex
288, JUNE 21, 2017

The Ukrainian Government has never crafted a privatization strategy whereby the ultimate objective from the sale of assets or companies is to create maximum value for the economy; as measured, for example, by an increase in GDP, business formation or employment. Instead, the government produces an annual plan to sell assets (e.g. land or buildings) and companies (through the sale of share packages) for the sole purpose of raising money for the annual budget.

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WIUU’s freshman Iryna Lyubomyrska


A simple  key to a successful career in the future is a higher education with WIUU.  Perfect English, useful knowledge and skills open all doors  for you and your future.  Iryna Lyubomyrska is our dual program’s student (BBA + International Relations).

Intro to Entrepreneurship with Mr. Wolfgang Preuss

Today our students met Mr. Wolfgang Preuss, IPR & Brand Protection Support Legal Counsel PPP EMEA, Germany. The topic of discussion was a trademarks and intellectual property rights protection. Trademarks promote initiative and enterprise worldwide by rewarding their owners with recognition and financial profit. Trademark protection also hinders the efforts of unfair competitors, such as counterfeiters, to use similar distinctive signs to market inferior or different products or services.

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