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We are happy to invite the students of our American Studies program to the lecture «Industries of the Future and the Future of Work» on Monday, November 20The lecture starts at 11:00, aud. 2-4. Lecturer: Mr. Paul Thomas, Adviser to Rector of Ukrainian-American Concordia University.

Forum at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Author: Diala Sallam
Yet another forum at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held, and as a WIUU business student, I was glad to attend this forum as a translator for non English speaking businessmen. Under the chairmanship of Ukraine in the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation in the second half of 2017, on October 26, 2017, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine held a meeting of the BSEC Business Council with the participation of business and diplomatic circles of the BSEC member countries: Azerbaijan, Albania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The forum ended up by a lot of businessmen making plans for future cooperation, sharing their business ideas and exchanging contact information for further partnerships to be made.

Career & Internship

WIUU Academic Administration at Round table “Directions of Cooperation of L’Oreal Ukraine with Universities”.
We greatly appreciate long-term cooperation with L’Oreal Ukraine and its General Director – WIUU Professor Mark Savchuk.

American Studies Program Opening

On October 3, 2017 the American Studies Program (ASP) Opening was held in America House – Kyiv.

ASP has been established by WIUU, together with our partners – National M. Dragomanov Pedagogical University (Kyiv, Ukraine), Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA), University of Minnesota Crookston  (USA), American Organizations and Companies.

Dr. Elaine Sarao – WIUU Associate Rector, Dr. David Birner – Director of International Education of Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor, Mr. Paul Thomas – Expert of American and Ukrainian Business and Advisor to the Rector, came from the US to Kyiv to participate in the Program Opening and development. Mrs. Michelle Christopherson – University of Minnesota Crookston Admissions Director – participated online from Crookston.

Students, faculty and guests enjoyed greetings of our American partners, WIUU students and a representative of WIUU alumni – Ms. Elizabeth Nudelman.

Our Graduates

Our sincere congratulations to our graduate and partner – Tetyana Scrygina – President of “Blagomay” Charity Foundation, who is among 500 of the most influential women of Ukraine according to the rating of European Association of Business Development for her contribution into Kids Industry Development!


Introduction to the Profession

Introduction to the Profession – this is the first experience for WIUU freshmen, this year the first visit is to Coca Cola!

Our Successful Graduates about WIUU

Patricia Essen graduated from and later worked as an international programs coordinator and instructor at WIUU; now she is a successful entrepreneur:

At WIUU you will get invaluable knowledge combined with professional skills necessary for your career as well as many new interesting friends. Here the students are greatly motivated to become independent by means of individual and team activities. Just don’t be late!

Summer Internship on the Black Sea

Our Senior Student Volodymyr Hritsay had  his summer 2017 internship at the kids’ camp Brigantina as a  Head of English Studies for kids 7-17 years old.

Volodymyr demonstrated great organizational and communication skills, responsibility, active and creative attitude to his activities as well as caring about kids and perfect methodology and language skills.

Meeting in Berlin

Mr. Hans Jurgen Doss – a great friend of Ukraine, Honorary Professor of WIUU, Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Germany, Director of the Institute of Social Market Economy of the Ukrainian Free University (Munich) attended the meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Rector of the Ukrainian Free University (Munich), prof. Maria Pryshliak in Berlin.