Bachelor Programs / BBA

WIUU offers joint Ukrainian-American Programs leading students to American Degree — Bachelor of Business Administration and Ukrainian Degrees – Bachelor of International Business and Bachelor of Management. Students completing Joint Ukrainian-American Bachelor Business Program receive an International Bachelor of Business Administration Diploma and a Ukrainian Bachelor of International Business Diploma or Ukrainian Bachelor of Management State Diploma (the latter is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

Master Programs / MBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program, accredited by the International Accrediting Agency FIBAA, is an American-style program offered in English.The fact that WIUU received this accreditation is a signature of the highest quality of its MBA program. Practical benefits that MBA graduates can receive are numerous, including increased opportunities in employment and continued education in Europe and USA.

Master of International Management Program offered at WIUU is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


After classes WIUU faculty and staff members are always ready to meet with students in order to provide help, to advice, to outline plans for future scientific research, career development and just to spend time together.

The Student Council of WIUU is something special that helps students become responsible and active members of the community.

The Student Council, as a voice of students, helps share ideas, interests, and students’ concerns with the Professors, Deans and the Rector.


Kyiv offers a great variety of drama, music, opera and ballet theaters, art galleries, movies, libraries and historical monuments which WIUU students can enjoy.

Our students are encouraged to take part in various trips and excursions in Ukraine and other countries.

WIUU students and faculty members prepare and celebrate together Ukrainian, international, traditional, national and religious holidays, take part in sport events and competitions. The sports facilities used by WIUU students include the sports center of NPU with a swimming pool and athletic fields as well as a stadium and smaller sports halls.


WIUU has a high-quality library, which serves as one of the major tools for studying at WIUU. The library holds textbooks, books, science journals and other academic literature in Ukrainian, English, German, Russian and other languages. WIUU server holds catalog and dictionaries which can be easily accessed. Students can use a reading room for their conveniences.

WIUU Internet Center opens access to virtual Internet data bases: libraries, information centers, foreign publishing houses, archives and science magazines. WIUU provides online learning opportunities with professors teaching from the USA  and other countries.

These companies are internship places for WIUU students


Imperial Tobacco


Here our students can study and have their internship


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